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Why not insist on a hot water system that meets your precise needs. A system that operates efficiently and with no fuss.

Megaflo hot water systems are designed to ensure you get equally high pressure in every room of your home. You’re always in control with the tap. It’s good to know you can have your bath filled faster and command more power in your shower and because there’s no need for a noisy cistern in the loft, the whole system is whisper quiet. Whether you live in a studio flat or a 12-bedroom mansion, there’s a Megaflo made for you.

"If you’re creating a new bathroom or kitchen, make sure you won’t be let down by your hot water system."

Megaflo’s advanced technology has made it widely regarded as the leader in unvented domestic water heating. Designed to perform faultlessly whilst minimising heat loss to maximise efficiency, it understands the balance we have to make.

For the ultimate in environmentally friendly hot water, consider Megaflo. This state-of-the-art system harnesses energy direct from the sun to generate hot water and so reduce carbon emissions and global warming.

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